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Ultimate Guide to Roof Protection:
Glasgow's Trusted Advice from Strathclyde

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Looking for tips on how to keep your roof in good shape?

Read our tips below to help keep your roof ready for Scottish weather and what to do if anything goes wrong.


As a general rule of thumb, you should inspect your roof twice a year (or more if you feel the need). Good times to do this are in spring, so that you can inspect any damage that may have been caused over winter, and in autumn, so that you can check over your roof following the warmer months of summer. Inspect your roof from both the inside and the outside to ensure that you do not miss anything. Things to look out for include light shining in through your roof, damaged or missing roof tiles, leaks, rotting wood and pest damage.


Following regular inspections, if you do notice any missing or damaged roof tiles then you should aim to replace them as soon as possible. Replacing damaged or missing tiles straight away will prevent any water from leaking into your property which can lead to more serious issues such as moisture, pooling water or, worse still, damage to the entire woodwork of your roof. When replacing tiles you should always use the same type of tile as before.


Maintaining your roof and keeping it clean will not only improve appearance but also ensure that it stays in good condition. Look out for moss on your roof and get rid of it as early as possible; moss holds water and therefore it is important that it is removed. If you spot moss early you should be able to easily sweep it off your roof, however, ensure this is done by a professional and do not attempt to climb the roof yourself or use any cleaning products. (Pressure washers can slacken tiles making the roof vulnerable to water and frost!)


Debris can easily clog your gutters, preventing water from flowing down to the downspouts. This can lead to a build up of water which can end up soaking and rotting parts of your roof – something you certainly want to avoid. To keep your gutters in good condition, inspect them regularly to ensure that they are still attached to your home and make sure that they are clear of leaves and other debris.

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